A Getaway with General Luna’s Audry Dionisio

A Getaway with General Luna’s Audry Dionisio (re-post)
On tour with General Luna

Audry Garcia Dionisio


In the airport tube with the band headed for the first leg of the Laoag tour

In the airport tube with the band (Audry on the left).


General Luna

General Luna

Audry Dionisio is no stranger to Pinoy Rock aficionados, the gorgeous guitarist of the hottest all female all Filipino band called General Luna has not only rocked the hearts-off her multitude of fans but she’s also made EDSA a less gloomier place through various larger than life posters via the band’s various endorsement, most recently for a popular derma aesthetic clinic’s ad on our city buses.


Beautifying EDSA (shot in Mandaluyong City, EDSA)

General Luna is constantly on tour performing in various cities all over the country. We take her away from her raucous world for a moment and get her to slow down and talk about, well, other things.

Sidetrip: So what is your vacation style, beach, mountains or cultural immersion?


“You begin to understand a place when you get to taste what the locals are eating.”

Audry: I like to immerse myself in getting to know the places I visit, get to experience it the way the locals do. Like this one time in my trip to Dubai I headed straight to their market place. I went to the unpopular one where the main market gets all their stuff and I just sampled all the fresh produce that they had there, it was different because it wasn’t all touristy but everything was just out there, dates, olives and stuff, things you normally see in bottles in our groceries were just laid out. I think you begin to understand a place when you get to taste what the locals are eating.

Dubai Fruits

Dubai Fruits

spice market dubai

spice market dubai



Hookah Shop in Dubai

Dubai Veggies

Dubai Veggies



Sidetrip: Of all the places you’ve been to, touring with General Luna and your personal travels do you have a favorite place that you keep coming back to?

Audry: I have my favorites and I have my memorable vacations, I have to say my favorite would be Boracay, it’s really my second home and I’m always there, Boracay is big part of my life. I go to Boracay for different reasons and with different people but of course I go there because my favorite restaurant is there, Dos Mestizos, my uncle’s bar.

In an Ilocos zoo

In an Ilocos zoo


Zoomin' on a zip line in Mount Mayon (Legaspi, Bicol)

Zoomin’ on a zip line in Mount Mayon (Legaspi, Bicol)

Sidetrip: And the memorable one?

Audry: It was after our gig (General Luna) with Bamboo in Isabela and I had to go to Baguio after the gig because of my friend’s wedding and apparently there were no buses that go directly to Baguio from Isabela.

I had to take a bus to Nueva Ecija, I had a small budget back then so I took those tiny buses that carry chickens and stuff in the passenger’s compartment. Then on to Dagupan and from there I took a van to Baguio. It was quite a long trip and I traveled alone and with just a backpack, I left my guitar with the band.

Gen Lu

Audry’s arduous trip. From Isabela to Nueva Ecija then to Baguio

It felt great because I’ve never done that kind of stuff before and I felt independent, that’s what travelling does, you really get to know yourself and start to see what you’re capable of doing.

Sidetrip: Ideally, if money was no object, where would you want to go?

Audry: I’d definitely want to see the world. You know like Anthony Bourdaine. He gets to meet all these people and see the world through their eyes and the best part is he gets to sample all those local cuisines, he gets to experience the region through their mutual love of food. That’s the luxury I have touring with General Luna not only do I meet all the people who love our music but I get to sample the food in every area we go to and it’s nice and authentic that way.

Sidetrip: Things you can’t travel without?

Audry: Definitely my Ipod… and shades, I need my shades. We do a lot of waiting in airports or even on long road trips and my Ipod really keep me sane during those long periods of boredom. The shades are of course for the sun, but more importantly they work on days that you don’t look too good and you can just cover up with them.

Five songs in Audry’s playlist:

pina colada

If You Like Pina Coladas- Jimmy Buffet


Pressure Point- The Zutons

thievery corporation

Le Monde- Thievery Corporation


Art School Girl- Stone Temple Pilot

ThirdEyeBlind album

Motorcycle Drive By- Third Eye Blind

Zoo in Vigan (with the band)

END- kt 2013

 For more on General Luna: https://www.facebook.com/GeneralLuna

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