More Mr. Geoffreys – Constance and Eduardo

Constance waited patiently for the footsteps of Mr. Geoffrey to fade.

When the coast was clear she rained smooth white pebbles down from her balcony… A signal for the dashing Eduardo Villalobos to ascend the rose vines up to her open balcony. Once atop, Eduardo muttered sensually into her ear “I thought he would never leave mi amour”. “I have lain awake for hours waiting for the oaf to leave, I have rattled windows and have been tempted to stick a scorpion into his breeches to prod him to leave my abode” said Constance as she made her intentions clear to Eduardo with the invasion of her tongue in his mouth.

As they broke away from their lock, Eduardo asked in mock amusement “you do not favor the white mantequilla, do you? Surely, your bronzed idolo still stands and retains your interest despite the clumsy attempts of that soft man in winning your favors albeit cowardly.” She answers with a soft coo to his chest “Mi amour, your heart is betrothed to Anastasia, yet every night the windows of my bed chambers await you. Is that not love to you?” “Let us speak no more, and express the actions in which God has made woman for man!” injected Eduardo and proceeded to ravage her.


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