Mr. Geoffreys and Constance

As Mr. Geoffrey awoke in the guest bedroom of his female friend’s two story loft he could hear her coming down from her bedroom on her dainty little feet. He put on a shirt and tried to sit up but was met by a tremendous nausea that made him fall back on to the thick mattress. She had cleaned up a bit of her living room before he managed to stand on his two feet. “Hey” he said as he stepped out of the guest room to his friend of whom he was extremely fond of. “Hey” she said back not glancing his way as she was busily washing the glasses she got from the living room’s coffee table.  “What can I do to help,” he said looking foolishly at her tiny form. “Everything’s alright” she said casually. He noticed his shoes on the living room floor “thanks for letting me stay over” he said as he noticed too that the front door was wide open. Not a good sign he thought to himself. “I can cook if you want” he said to the back of her head. “No, it’s quite alright. Oh, eat that egg mcmuffin on the table” she said and she picked it up and gave it to him without so much as glancing his way.

So Geoffrey takes the sandwich, gets his shoes from the living room, sits on the loft’s only couch and puts on his shoes while Constance goes back to the kitchen saying “I’m out of water would you like a coke?” “Coke zero would be nice, if it’s not too much of a bother” he said in a tiny voice as he felt more of an intruder in the little loft. She came back with a glass and a can of coke zero, then leaves him to fold up the mattress in the guest bedroom. He stood up to help her pack up the mattresses and engaged in social banter that none of them would ever remember and he was looking at her now and she was a stranger.  He’s known her for three years and she was a stranger. He finished his meal afterwards with her sitting right in front of him on an ottoman looking to the left or to right of him but never directly. He washed his glass bade her goodbye and each gave the other the ceremonial kiss on the cheek. He was walking down her hallway when she heard her call to him and Geoffrey’s heart skipped a beat. “You better take these cigarettes home” she said as he turned around. Constance must have seen his smile droop a tiny fraction but it did not matter. She smiled and said goodbye once more and rushed to her loft and locked the door behind her, the barrel bolts thud echoed throughout the hallway.

Mr. Geoffrey walked home in the rain on this sullen evening and was saddened further by the thought that he is liking less and less things on this planet.


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