More Mr. Geoffreys

Mr. Geoffrey was at the ball that night.  Straight from work, he hardly had a chance to change into something more appropriate but it did not matter since Geoffrey always melts in the crowd.  The ball was filled with the usual faces… Dana Doherty with her fiancé Robert Desoto, the journalist Anita Flanahan with her fiancé Dr. Joseph O’ Connor, the notorious lecher Norbert Cassidy, the ever flamboyant Eduardo Villalobos with his fiancé Anastasia dela Vega, and of course Constance Miller.


The night was electric as society’s crème dela crème amassed together in joyous celebration of whatevers.  Any occasion was good enough to celebrate.  On tonight’s occasion Mr. Geoffrey was surprised to see several seldom seen faces such as Donald Ludley and his fiancé Deborah Grant and their constant companion the bachelor Derek Morningstar.


Mr. Geoffrey sat in his little corner watching events unfold before his eyes, he sees tiny nuances that are lost to the uninitiated but reveal themselves to him.  He sees the subtle glances of Constance and Eduardo while Anastasia sits beside her fiancé totally clueless as she laughs heartily at a quip made by one of the ladies of Hartford.  He notices Robert Desoto ambling towards the table of debutantes attempting to seduce some sweet young thing out of her britches, of course unbeknownst to him, under the watchful eye of the lovely Dana who can only shake her head at the audacity of Robert.  Anita Flanahan is the life of the party, beautiful as she is imposing she manages to orchestrate and conduct a lively and animated discussion on the care of hibiscus while her fiancé Dr. Joseph contents himself with the twiddling of some doohickey while seated beside Anita.


The debutante receiving the amorous attentions of Robert jumped up with a start as she successfully thwarts Robert’s aggressive overtures.  It was quite a sight as all eyes were on Robert as he feigned innocence with a gigantic smile while the sweet young thing glared at him menacingly as she stormed off in a huff.


Far across in the other side of the room Donald, Deborah and Derek were abreast at the mantle of the mansion’s fireplace busily watching everybody while they were sipping their cabernets.  Once in a while they would lean in to each other and whisper something and end up laughing hysterically.


Constance excused herself, powder her nose she said, as she walked away she hardly felt the stabbing eyes of Anastasia on her back.  Dana saunters over to Anastasia and compliments her on her lovely dress, as the two ladies trade pleasantries Eduardo seizes the opportunity to excuse himself.  He proceeded to head towards the fireplace as if to talk to Donald, Deborah and Derek only to switch directions at the last minute and stealthily follows Constance inside the powder room.


Derek Morningstar notices the sudden flight of the secret lovers and heads off in the direction of the powder room only to be distracted by the debutante who spurned the advances of Robert.  He sees her crying at the steps of the wide teak wood staircase of General Braddock’s mansion.  He offers her his perfumed handkerchief, on which these types of occasions it is specifically meant for, and ever patiently listens to her gripes and consoles her with as much tenderness as is expected of a true gentleman.  His subtle amorous advances were slightly put out of sync by the arrival of the most fashionable Giovanni de Tucci, of the Sicilian de Tucci’s, who was stylishly late as usual.  Giovanni pats the back of Mr. Morningstar and gives him a knowing grin and addresses the lovely debutante Lisa, he extolls the virtues of his dear friend Mr. Morningstar and assures her that she is in good hands for no one knows the ailments of a fouled heart more than Mr. Morningstar.  He concludes his theatrical entrance with a sweeping gesture that ends with him kissing Ms. Lisa’s gloved hand.  He then proceeds to scan the room in search of Ms. Constance Miller.


At this moment General Braddock joins the ball, his hefty midsection pushing through the crowd, he politely ‘harumphs’ his guests offering his 21 year old scotch, which was carried by  a servant walking directly behind him, to his favored ones.  General Braddock makes it clear to everyone who he likes and who he does not and he does so with such natural pomp and arrogance that you would think his fake medals were bestowed upon him from the time he came out of his mother’s womb.  Everyone knew he wasn’t a real soldier but he was humored merely for the opportunity to be invited to his lavish parties.


Giovanni joins his dear friend Anita and warmly kisses her hand where he was enthusiastically welcomed into the continuing discussion on hibiscus matters, of which he had no real particular interest for but he nods in agreement at some points in the discussion to make it seem otherwise.  Once in a while he would ejaculate a clever, though misplaced, observation of such absurdity as to invoke laughter from the group… of course, much to the chagrin of his dearest friend Anita who would retaliate with a subtle jest at Giovanni’s lack of appreciation for the finer points of botany. 


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